Anubhav Dubey (Chai Sutta Bar) Biography, 

Today we are going to know about the founder of Chai Sutta Bar, Anubhav Dubey Kar, how he started his life and started such a big company.

Today the branch of Chai Sutta Bar is in every corner of India and it is also very popular among the youth!

Anubhav Dubey (Owner of chai sutta bar)

Anubhav Dubey

Anubhav Dubey is such a person who has earned his name both in India and abroad.  At a very young age, Anubhav Dubey started a branch called Chai Sutta Bar.

Anubhav Dubey’s net worth

You will be surprised to know that one can earn lakhs and crores from one tea.  Yes, in this article, we are going to introduce you to such a boy, who is earning a name not only in India but also abroad with his tea business.

How Anubhav Dubey made Chai Sutta Bar.

Anubhav has spread his business as a brand in the country and abroad. He started his business with his school friend Anand Nayak from Indore city, today they have many branches available in big cities all over India.

After hard work and hard work, she is doing 100 crore business in just 4 years.  In the coming times, they hope that their business will grow day by day. Their special thing is that their tea is served with a kulhad.

What is the specialty of Anubhav Dubey’s tea?

The special thing about their tea is that it is served in a cooler and in the initial 6 months they had to face a lot of problems in business but gradually they spread their feet in the country and they opened 4 branches not only in India but  Their branch is available in Dubai, Nepal, almost 150 branches have been opened across the country today.  In which more than 1500 people have got employment in Chai Sutta Bar.

Who is Anubhav Dubey?

Dubey is a businessman who has made a lot of progress on YouTube through Instagram Influencer and Social Media Infusions, his name is very popular with experience.

Real Name Anubhav Dubey
Nick NameAnubhav
Date of Birth1996
Age in 202226 Years
Zodiac signGemini
Birth PlaceRewa ( Madhya Pradesh)
Current CityRewa City
Official Website Chai Sutta Bar

Anubhav Dubey (Chai sutta bar) income, Net Worth

Chai Sutta Bar, facing some difficulties in the initial days, he started with ₹ 300. He wanted to do something big in his heart, due to which he made this passion a business of 100 crores in 4 years after hard work.  Along with income, he has also provided employment to one hundred and 1500 people.  This is a source of inspiration for the new youth that ascendancy is required to do any work, whether it is a small tea business or any other, you can make 3000 to 300 crore rupees by starting the business in the right direction.

Why do people like to visit Chai Sutta Bar?

People like to come to Chai Sutta Bar because the tea here is served in an earthen kulhad, which makes the taste of tea more delicious, the atmosphere here, and Light & music attracts people a lot.

Along with tea, you can enjoy other things here, here I’m sandwich coffee, etc. is also very popular.

Where are the franchisees of Chai Sutta Bar located across the country?

If you want to enjoy tea in Chai Sutta Bar then you can enjoy them in cities like Indore Ahmedabad Bangalore Chandigarh Dehradun Dewas Jamnagar Ujjain Bhopal Bilaspur Itarsi Santa Jaipur Nagpur Delhi If you are also interested in taking the franchisee of Chai Sutta Bar  You will also find it easy to take franchisee in these cities, apart from this you will also get Chai Sutta Bar in Allahabad Prayagraj Jodhpur Udaipur Rewa Patna Nashik Lucknow Mohali, etc.  You can get the registration done, for this you will get the opportunity to open a franchise by following their rules.

Friends, today we have told you about a very young Anubhav Dubey, that Franchisee Chai Sutta Bar is very popular not only in the country but also in foreign countries.  And shared it on social media as well.

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How do I obtain a franchise for the Chai Sutta Bar?

We should make it clear that the projected investment varies based on the area if you want to create a Chai Sutta Bar franchise. For any site in India, the Chai Sutta Bar Café franchise costs 6 to 8 lakh rupees, with a 16–18 lakh rupee investment required. The Chai Sutta Bar franchise charges a 2% royalty fee.

How profitable is Chai Sutta Bar?

You can earn returns on an Rs. 16 lakh investment, under the CSB franchise model, in about 18 months. This indicates that a single Chai Sutta Bar location makes about Rs. 90,000 each month.

How do I contact the Chai Sutta Bar owner?

For all inquiries, Please email us using the form below!

4th Floor, Silver Arc Plaza, Indore.
6262 3000 31. › …

General Question About Anubhav Debey

Who is Chai sutta bar owner

Chai sutta bar owner is Anubhav Dubay

Chai sutta bar (Anubahv Deubey) net worth

chai sutta bar net worth is +100 Crore

Chai sutta bar Daily sale

3 lakh kulhar tea in a day sale of chai sutta bar.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Investment?

25 Lakh to 30 Lakh.

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