Biography of  Prafull Billore | Struggling behind the MBA CHAI WALA

Young businessman Prafull Billore comes from Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar District. He rose to fame and gained dominance over young people’s social lives there at age of 25. He goes by the name MBA Chaiwala in public.

He first gained notoriety in the mainstream press in 2020. He arrived in Gujarat to study, but after quitting his MBA program, he decided to sell tea along the state’s highways since he was so passionate about beginning his own business.

Prafull began selling tea for Rs. 8000, and today he owns an MBA Chaiwala company with a yearly revenue of more than Rs. 4 Cr.

Prafull Billore Life before MBA CHAI VALA

Prafull Billore

Before opening his own restaurant, Prafull aspired to obtain his master’s degree from IIM Ahmedabad. To be admitted into a top MBA program, you need to take the CAT exam. The CAT is recognized as being among the toughest tests out there.

Prafull Billore put in more than 10 hours a day of study to meet his goals. His parents expressed their best wishes and expected he would succeed in his exams. Consequently, he had three failed tries at the CAT exam. His parents supported him again after he failed. This made Prafull depressed as well as made it difficult for him to focus on something.

During this time, he sought solace by exploring Ahmedabad and found that it had come to feel like such a primary residence to him. He was left without a plan after having his hopes of earning an MBA from IIM dashed. I ultimately decided to accept a job at McDonald’s. He started out as a housekeeper. He received a swift promotion to the kitchen staff and started taking orders and catering to customers.

He was employed by a reputable corporation, but he was always looking to do more. Starting a business is the finest way to get independence and develop your own individuality.

Early difficulties faced by MBA Chaiwala

On January 14, 1996, Prafull Billore was born in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar District. His family only had one son. In Indore, he received his graduation. Might be the only child of their parents, his parents’ goal was to earn an MBA from a highly regarded institution so that he could find a high-paying job to support his family. In 1996, he earned his from Devi Ahilyabai University in Indore.

MBA Chai Wala got off to a fast start.

After much consideration, Prafull made the decision to operate a roadside tea shop. He desired to go after his goals. People typically despise these kinds of businesses. They are believed to be committed by people of lower social status or with less education.

Prafull, though, didn’t seem to care. The only thing that worried Praful was something that his father would think. As a result, he had numerous nights where he couldn’t sleep.

He had great confidence and perseverance as he started his first company as a tea vendor close to McDonald’s. With just INR 8,000, he launched his business on July 25, 2017. He worked from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at McDonald’s and then during the middle of the night at his tea shop.

It might be challenging to attract consumers for a small firm. There is a tea shop on almost every corner of the street. To draw the audience in, Prafull provided tea in clay pots along with bread and Kleenex. He made everyone who stopped at his booth laugh, but he also talked to people who were in their cars. His ability to communicate well and the unique way he delivered his meals drew people to him.

As his market share expanded, the proprietors of the other tea stalls got jealous of his accomplishment. They united and drove Prafull from the area.

His initial eatery

Soon after, Prafull Billore launched MBA Chaiwala, his own eatery. He clarified that MBA does not represent “Master of Business Administration,” but rather “Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala.” His business started making billions of dollars each month in a few months. In addition to managing MBA Chaiwala’s Facebook and Instagram accounts,

Prafull Billore runs a personal website. Modern people are familiar with him, especially MBA graduates at IIM Ahmedabad. Additionally, he has given speeches on more than 200 occasions, such as at entrepreneurial conferences and programs for women’s rights. He provided singles with complimentary chai on Valentine’s Day.

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