Currently 22 minutes less after the divisive festival run

Currently 22 minutes

The first trailer for Alejandro González Iárritu’s Oscar contender for Netflix, “Bardo,” has been released, and the entire film is now 22 minutes shorter.

The ninth film by the two-time best director award-winning Mexican director, “Bardo (or False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths),” had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival this year.

Currently 22 minutes

The film’s runtime was reduced by 22 minutes by Iárritu after its screenings at Telluride and Venice, bringing it to two hours and 32 minutes without credits.

2,000 people watched my movie for the first time in Venice, Iárritu recalled to IndieWire. “That was a wonderful chance to see it,

learn about some areas that could use some tightening up, add one scene that never showed up on time, and rearrange a few things. I tightened it little by little, and I’m thrilled with the results.

Variety’s chief film critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review of the movie, “The movie is full of good stuff, but it’s three hours long and basically it’s full of itself.”

Currently 22 minutes

Iárritu claimed he has not read any reviews of his movie following “Bardo’s” runs at Venice and Telluride. He told IndieWire, “I want to emphasise that I have not read a single review for my good mental condition.

“No one knows all the dots that link and how they could connect better than me,” the speaker said.

Currently 22 minutes

In “Bardo,” which is billed as a comedy, Daniel Giménez Cacho plays a renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker who returns to his house while experiencing an existential crisis that causes him to reflect on his identity,

familial ties, and history. Along with Cacho, Griselda Siciliani also appears in the movie.

Currently 22 minutes

The movie “Bardo” is Iárritu’s first since “Birdman” and “The Revenant,” which made him one of three directors to win consecutive best director Oscars.

The director had originally intended to work on the Starz television series “The One Percent,” but he postponed it because he was exhausted from the demanding “The Revenant” production.

As the first movie the director has undertaken in his native nation since his first film, “Amores Perros,” in 2000, Iárritu shot and produced “Bardo” entirely there.

Currently 22 minutes

Together with co-writer of “Birdman” and “Biutiful,” Nicolás Giacobone, the filmmaker co-wrote the script. Darius Khondji, a director of photography with an Oscar nomination, also shot “Bardo.”

The much-anticipated Marilyn Monroe drama “Blonde” by Andrew Dominik, the Don DeLillo adaptation “White Noise” by Noah Baumbach, and the contemporary tragedy “Athena” by Romain Gavras all made the cut.

Currently 22 minutes

The movie is probably going to be one of the greatest Oscar chances for the streamer this year because of Iárritu’s stellar Oscar record.

The movie debuts in cinemas on November 18 and on Netflix on December 16. The trailer is provided below.



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