If Netflix’s Daredevil Is MCU Canon, Echo Can Yet State That

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Echo, which starred Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin and Charlie Cox as Daredevil, suggests that it will finally address the question of whether the Netflix Daredevil series is canon in the MCU.

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Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez/Echo, a street-level antihero who was initially presented in MCU Phase 4’s Hawkeye, is highlighted in the movie Echo. The MCU Phase 5 schedule sees Echo coming out a full year before Daredevil:

Born Again, which is sure to put an end to rumors about whether or not the crucial Daredevil Netflix series is canon.

When Marvel updated Matt Murdock’s “On Screen Full Report” to reflect that his Netflix experiences and his time in Spider-Man: No Way Home are part of the same timeline, it almost proved that Netflix’s Daredevil is canon.

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Marvel swiftly removed the No Way Home modifications and changed Murdock’s whole report to end with a description of Daredevil after fans complained about the update in April 2022.

Whatever the case, since Echo will be released on Disney+ in the summer of 2023, the MCU can no longer put off deciding whether Netflix’s Daredevil is canon or not.

Even if Murdock and Fisk play very small roles in Echo, it will be impossible to avoid addressing the question of whether Kingpin is aware of Daredevil’s identity.

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This will allow the revelation to potentially serve as Echo’s series finale twist and will finally validate Daredevil’s status as canon. Although there’s a chance that this could deprive Echo of her own spotlight,

Daredevil andKingpin’s appearance in Echo really suggests that the MCU will be exploring Maya Lopez’s comic book roots further and may even connect Echo to other MCU Phase 5 projects.

Due to the fact that Kingpin exploits Maya Lopez in one of his schemes to eliminate Matt Murdock in the comics, Daredevil will probably play a significant part in Echo.

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Curiously, Clint Barton became Kingpin’s scapegoat in Hawkeye, a loose adaptation of how Kingpin falsely accused Daredevil of killing Maya’s father in the comics. Kingpin obviously survives in the MCU, but Hawkeye has already modified the way Maya shoots him.

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In any case, it’s unlikely that Echo will just arrange a rematch between Kingpin and Daredevil. which Netflix’s three seasons of Daredevil have already completely explored.

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The early comic book story arc of Maya Lopez was used by Hawkeye, but there are still a lot of potential ties between Echo and Daredevil that the MCU might explore.

Maya Lopez, who plays Echo, and Matt Murdock, who plays Matt Murdock, are not only star-crossed lovers in the comics; Daredevil also suggests Echo to Captain America for a New Avengers assignment.

While assisting Captain America, Echo even adopts the guise of Ronin. Daredevil will undoubtedly play a significant part in Echo,

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but it may also tie Echo into Captain America: New World Order and the remainder of MCU Phase 5.


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