In for the kill, Wilder revealed that Tyson didn’t lock up

In for the kill,

Deontay Wilder, the former WBC heavyweight champion, is prepared for a new phase in his career. After a one-year break, the boxer from Alabama will fight Robert Helenius of Finland on October 15.

In for the kill,

Since his defeat to Tyson Fury in the third and last fight of their epic trilogy, Wilder hasn’t entered the ring. Longtime rivals Wilder & Fury have always been.

But once Wilder accused Fury of cheating on them again in their second bout, their enmity reached new heights. One of these allegations was that Fury altered his gloves prior to their second fight,

giving him the upper hand. Furthermore, it appears that Wilder continues to think Fury obtained the second bout unfairly. Interview conducted by

In for the kill,

After his cordial interactions with Luis Ortiz, another former foe, the Bronze Bomber was questioned about if he had truly put Fury behind him. According to Wilder, he still holds Fury responsible for his defeat in the second bout and thinks that he cheated.

In for the kill,

He also responded to criticism of his charges against Fury and disputed some who said he ought to have reported them to the police.

He asserted that as a boxer, the chance to defeat Fury was too alluring to pass up because Fury would have been imprisoned if he had been discovered to have cheated.

In for the kill,

People ask, “Why didn’t he go to the authorities if he really did have something in his gloves?”Okay, report to the authorities, and they’ll imprison him,”

what follows then? That’s it, Wilder said.

Additionally, he remarked that he did not understand this and that only a “good” person would think to act in this manner. That is illogical. That sounds like someone who avoids conflict,

that they are not good at combat sports because their focus is on being kind instead of fighting, or that theory doesn’t even make sense to me, he said.

In for the kill,

Despite the validity of some of Wilder’s arguments, he may not have pursued this further since he lacks evidence that The Gypsy King tampered with his gloves.

But this animosity could lead to a fourth conflict between the two behemoths and

a treat for aficionados of combat.



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