Museum of Anthropology, is similar to a simplified top-down The Legend of Zelda title.

Museum of Anthropology

The newest adventure game from Google takes players on a top-down tour of old Mesoamerica.

Museum of Anthropology

Google’s Arts & Culture department has produced a charming new educational game that teaches players approximately ancient civilization Mesoamerica.

The game The Descent of the Serpent is currently available through into the Google Arts & Culture Android and iPhone apps as well as through your web browser.

The delicate plot of Descent of the Serpent is explained in a new movie that occurs at the beginning of the game.

A living monument approaches you and requests your help in recovering 20 symbols that were on a sizable artefact that Tezcatlipoca, the Lord of the Smoking Mirror, was able to steal from you as you entered a museum.

Museum of Anthropology

This will ensure that the planet will be saved from impending catastrophic inundation.

Museum of Anthropology

A little film that appears at the commencement of the game explains the light plot of Descent of the Serpent.

A working and living statue needs to ask for your assistance to recover 20 icons that were on a large artefact that Tezcatlipoca,

Museum of Anthropology

the Lord of the Smoking Mirror, stole while you were exploring a museum. Doing so will prevent the entire world from being overrun by floods.

The game, which has been created in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology, has a highest, streamlined gameplay style similar to The Legend of Zelda games.

Museum of Anthropology

To find the missing icons, which appear as gold coins, you must explore beautiful (albeit constrained) settings.


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