THE GIVER Book Review, Summary and PDF Download

Today I am going to give a short review of The Giver book, along with it I will also give its PDF to all of you, which you can download and read!

What is the main message of the giver?

Throughout The Giver, Lowry attempts to awaken each and every reader to the dangers that exist when people opt for conformity over individuality and for unexamined security over freedom.

Who is the author of THE GIVER?

The Giver

Lois Lowry wrote “The Giver”, a book for young adults, in 1993. A young kid named Jonas, who is entering his twelfth year and starting the journey to adulthood in a society that has been meticulously systematized for many years, is the main character in the novel. Because of the failure of the last Recipient’s appointment ten years ago, Jonas has been given the challenging responsibility of serving as the next Commissioner of Education.

Recently, The Giver was adapted into a movie, so on the advice of one of my intellectual friends, I decided to read the book to figure out what the plot must have been like. I was pleasantly surprised by the book’s content.

A young child named Jonas lives in some kind of a sociological point of view of crime and grief in The Giver, an intriguing morality tale. Children are given their jobs somewhere at the age of twelve, which they should prepare for and work at for the remainder of their life.

Everything becomes a choice, even your relationship and parents. When Jonas is selected to serve as the new “Memory Keeper” he distinguishes himself from the group.

When someone has always existed who has both the positive and indeed the negative experiences of the past inside them, society actually has already been considered free of all of the other potential downsides of existence. The residents are safe from harm, but they are not always subjected to the lovely elements of society, which is both beneficial and harmful for them.

What is the plot of The Giver book?

The plot of this classic book is complicated enough already to maintain the interest of younger readers even though this is intended to be more of a children’s story than that of a younger entertaining read, which is why I really appreciated it.

Because it was fun to watch Jonas grow from a timid young man to someone prepared to give up his career to save the neighborhood, I really liked him as a protagonist. This book depicts the process of maturing; initially, we are frightened to realize that there have been new responsibilities, but as we gradually adjust, we desire to distance ourselves from childhood increasingly.

Jonas’ gradual lack of faith in his parents plays a significant role in conveying the point of this story all across the book. At first, when Jonas is a typical kid within the neighborhood, he has entire faith in his parents, as would be anticipated.

But once The Giver reveals to Jonas the video of his Dad “releasing” a newborn kid, which involves killing and discarding the infant, Jonas undoubtedly loses faith in and respect for his father. Before even The Giver had intended for Jonas to abandon society, this circumstance drove him to do so. Because Jonas starts to reject the life that is expected of him, I found this change around him to be enjoyable.

What is the main theme of the book the Giver?

Another characteristic that makes reading this book entertaining seems to be the unpredictability of the finale. The ending could signify one of two things: either Jonas as well as Gabriel is dying on the sled altogether, or that they have actually discovered “Elsewhere” In the conclusion, the conclusion still demonstrates that Jonas has chosen decisions on his own rather than having them dictated to him. That whatever occurs, then it’ll be better for him rather than his lifestyle could have been having he remained in the neighborhood.

The community is a metaphor for limitation and censorship; it reduces a person’s options until there is nothing left, depriving them of joy. By making the decision to leave the neighborhood, Jonas informs the viewer that it is preferable to live your own life independently than to be constrained by someone else and never truly be content. Today’s youth need to hear this statement, as incidents like bullying in schools stop other people from becoming who they truly are.


This book’s straightforward but compelling plot and likable characters made it simple to finish in a few sittings. The Giver is one of very few children’s books that provides the possibility of choosing the conclusion, which is why it was so effective.

The Giver’s conclusion is impactful though we might pick what it represents; just as Jonas committed a selfless decision for the welfare of the community, you must make your own decision.

I would suggest this book to everyone who enjoys dystopian settings as well as readers who enjoy books that encourage independent thought!

General Question about The Giver Novel

Who is the Writer of The Giver?

The Giver Novel is written by an author named Lois Lowry and it is a very famous book!

What age should read The Giver?

The Giver is a must-read novel for 11 to 12-year-olds!

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