There’s a Tesla clone for just $26,000

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (7)

The Chinese automaker has released a new electric vehicle that looks a lot like the Tesla Model 3 but costs about half the price.

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (2)

Along with the Model Y, the Model 3 is one of Tesla’s best-selling products, having begun life as a $35,000 vehicle, but now the cost has risen especially after several cost treksĀ  over the years

Thanks to its fairly low price, it is one of the most famous cars in Tesla’s portfolio. Last month, Tesla quit taking bookings for the Model 3 Long Range due to high orders.

Tesla is one of the world’s biggest EV plants, selling more than 936,000 vehicles last year and more than 250,000 motorcars in Q2, 2022.

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (11)

The growing rage of Tesla vehicles is not just a North American sensation. Earlier this year, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is ramping up production of the right-hand-drive Model Y to meet demand in Australia, Japan, and other RHD demands

There’s a Tesla clone for just $26,000

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (14)

According to a report by Electrek, Changan Automobile, a state-owned Chinese automaker, has established a new electric car similar to the Tesla Model 3.

Called the Shenlan SL03, it is also a close sedan model 3, with very similar exterior sizes and interior design.

However, one area where it differs from the Model 3 is in its price. The Shetland SL03 is priced at just 183,900 yuan (about $26,000), much cheaper than the Model 3, which begins at $279,900 (about $40,000) in China.

According to the information, the SL03 is about four inches more extended than the Model 3 but has the same wheelbase, width, and height.

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (15)

It also has a minimalist interior overlooked by a large horizontal center display like in the Model 3.

There’s a Tesla clone for just $26,000

As if that’s not enough, the user interface for the car’s software is also reportedly very comparable to that of Tesla’s.

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (3)

In addition, the Shenlan SL03 is offered two different battery options, one with a 515 km (320 miles) degree and another with a 705 km (438 miles) field.

The statement further claims that the SL03 is not some inferior knockoff from an untrustworthy company but has been developed in collaboration with telecom giant Huawei and a significant Tesla supplier called CATL.

The Shetland SL03 has already proven to be pretty popular among buyers in China, making as many as 15,000 reservations within just a few hours after launch.

There is a Tesla clone for only $26,000 (7)

The company intends to deliver the Tesla Model 3 clone to customers by the end of the year.


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