By Saloni

10 Intresting Things About  Sofia Vergara

 December 22,2022

What is Sofia Vergara most famous for?

Sofía Vergara, (born July 10, 1972, Barranquilla, Colombia), Colombian American actress who was perhaps best known for her work on the television show Modern Family (2009–20).

Did Sofia Vergara have a baby at 19?  

Sofia Vergara married her high school boyfriend Joe Gonzalez when she was just 18 years old.

Is Sofia Vergara adopted?  

She was the highest-paid actress in American television from 2013 to 2020.

What is Sofia Vergara’s salary?  

$43 million.

How much does Sofia Vergara get per episode?  

Vergara had her biggest TV haul ever from her gig playing Gloria on ABC’s Modern Family, for which she earned $500,000 per episode,

How did Sofia Vergara get rich?  

Career Earnings and Endorsement

Is Sofia Vergara the highest paid?  

While all the cast members of Modern Family were handsomely rewarded for their performances, Sofia Vergara earned more than any of them.

Who is the most-paid actress in Hollywood?  

Sofía Vergara is once again the highest-paid actress: She made her $43 million from endorsements, Modern Family, and as a new $10-million-per-season judge on America’s Got Talent.