By Saloni

Dua Lipa is reportedly dating Jack Harlow

 December 16,2022

Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow are dating, according to sources quoted in Page Six, saying the pair have been in “constant communication” since November 2022.

Is Dua Lipa in a relationship?

Lipa grew up listening to her father, singer Dukagjin Lipa.

Why did Dua Lipa change her name?

Dua Lipa's vocal range is G#2 – D5 – A5, approximately 3 octaves.

What kind of voice does Dua Lipa have?

Lipa and fellow popstar Katy Perry are reported to be quite close.

Who is Dua Lipa best friend?

Ricky Gervai

Who is Dua Lipa's celebrity crush?

Jack Harlow seems to be just as famous for his personality as he is for his music

Why is Jack Harlow so popular?

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