By Saloni

Hilary Swank flaunts her growing baby bump while trimming the Christmas tree.

 December 19,2022

Four years after they secretly tied the knot, Hilary Swank announced that she and husband Philip Schneider are expecting twins

Is Hilary Swank still married?

Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S. Swank came to international recognition for her performances as Brandon Teena, a transgender man, 

Why is Hilary Swank so famous?

Two-time Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank stars in the new ABC series “Alaska Daily” as a celebrated reporter whose career takes a turn, landing her in Alaska.

What is Hilary Swank doing now?

Actor Hilary Swank considered starring in the 2011 Kate Hudson comedy Something Borrowed.  

Was Hilary Swank Something Borrowed?

Mariska Hargitay

What celebrity is best friends with Hilary Swank?

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

What movie did Hilary Swank win her Oscar for?

In 2014, Swank unexpectedly announced she would take a hiatus from acting. 

Why did Hilary Swank stop acting?

$70 Million

What is Hilary Swanks net worth?