Lynne Austin is an evergreen hot and sexy model. She was originally a hotter girl in 1983 and never got old.

She's hilarious! Lynne Austin, the original "Hooters girl,"

She's remembering the too-tight tees and scant orange shorts that made the risqué restaurant famous at the age of 61. 

The first restaurant in the franchise debuted in Clearwater, Florida, in 1983.

She simultaneously held a waitressing job and served as the chain's mascot.

She shared a nearly 40-year-old vintage photo of the original Hooters girls posing in front of a jukebox on Instagram.

Followed by a photo of the "Hooters Girls 2.0" mimicking the original.

She was the first waitress hired by one of the chain founders after he had spotted her at a bikini contest.

She regularly appears on the Hooters Nation Morning Show on 1010 Sports AM.