By Saloni

 Rascals drummer Dino Danelli  Dies at 78

 December 17,2022

Dino Danelli (born July 23, 1944) is an American drummer. Danelli is best known as an original member and the drummer in the rock group The Young Rascals. 

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The Rascals (initially known as The Young Rascals) were an American rock band, formed in Garfield, New Jersey, United States, in 1965.

Where are the Rascals from?

The Rascals reunion ended after the group's 2013 Broadway musical stopped touring, says Cavaliere, because, essentially, the work was done.  

What happened to the band The Rascals?

$6 Million 

Dino Danelli Net Worth?

The Beatles once opened for the legendary Felix Cavaliere and the Young Rascals and he has dozens of behind the scenes stories to tell about music from the 60's all the way to present day.

Did the Beatles open for the Rascals?

For 50 years, Dick Rowe has been blamed for the biggest blunder in rock music history: he turned down the Beatles.

Who famously turned down the Beatles?

People who said they loved at least one Beatle were asked which of those they love is their favorite.

Who was the most loved Beatles?

On Aug. 15, 1965, the Beatles performed their biggest concert at Shea Stadium to a crowd of 55,000 screaming fans.

What was the largest crowd the Beatles played for?

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